Head Graphene Radical 135 Squash Racket 2024

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Head Graphene Radical 135 Squash Racket 2024

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Head Graphene Radical 135 Squash Racket 2024, specially crafted for the 2024 season. Immerse yourself in cutting-edge technology and a redesigned aesthetic, ensuring you stay ahead in the game of racquet sports in Australia.
Designed for advanced players dominating the front court, this racquet introduces the revolutionary Auxetic construction for an enhanced touch and a softer feel, elevating your game to new heights. The innovative technology not only refines your control but also amplifies your power, providing a well-rounded performance.

Refreshed for the 2024 season, the Head Radical 135 showcases a contemporary and asymmetrical design, featuring striking bursts of colour. The new addition of a carbon element in the frame not only contributes to an exclusive aesthetic but also introduces an element of individuality. Each racquet boasts a slightly different carbon pattern, giving your equipment a unique identity on the court.

Step into the future of squash racquets with the Head Graphene 360+ Radical 135 Squash Racquet – where advanced technology meets dynamic design, setting the standard for the 2024 season and beyond. Master your game with a racquet that not only performs but makes a statement on the court.

Weight: 135g
String Pattern: 14/16, 20/16
Head Size: 460sq. cm.
Balance: Head heavy 
Beam Width 20mm
Precision and strength tailored for skilled players dominating the front court.
New auxetic construction for sensational feel
New modern and asymmetrical design