Tecnifibre T Fight Tennis Rackets

Daniil Medvedev’s T-Fight 305 Isoflex tennis racket is the most playable of the 18-post rackets.

Developed to bring power and control to high-level competitors with a 630cm² head and an 18-post string pattern.

However, the new T-Fight Isoflex range aims to unleash the potential of players thanks to 2 innovations from TecniLab: RS Section and Isoflex, generating a specific feeling of dynamic control.

“RS Section” represents the fusion of the classic “square” and “round” frame sections for specific ergonomics with 5 facets to find the ideal compromise between power and control.

Isoflex technology, a scalable stiffness all around the frame and associated with each rope to even out the head to increase forgiveness and stability at impact.

Weight of 305g for maximum manoeuvrability and to be able to accelerate the racquet head and specific 18×19 string pattern for a perfect combination of control and spin while managing the breakage frequency.

The best choice for competitors looking for mastery and playability.