Tecnifibre Carboflex Airshaft Squash Rackets

Tecnifibre Slash has arrived, Mostafa Asal's Racket new for 2023

Tecnifibre Speed 130's and 135,s limited edtions

Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 Heritage 2,

Tecnifibre 125 X Top and NS 125 X Top

Tecnifibre X Top 130

Tecnifibre X Top 135

All in stock and ready for delivery. and yes, we are an Australian company, so shipping is local. 

We have stock of the new X Tops and the current model Airshaft, so you have lots of options.  

Hey, add in a new Tecnifibre 2023 grip for your new racket, they are really nice.

For the player looking for the combination of power and control.

All rackets are in stock and ready to ship, order today and your new racket is usually shipped the same day, we ship our products by Express overnight courier, so you get it super quick, usually the next day.