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Gift Cards / Gift Vouchers

SquashDirect now has gift vouchers, yes, you can order your gift card in any amount, and you have options. SquashDirect will call you to confirm which option you would like, as some people are organized and order them a week in advance other people order them and need them in 5 minutes. Either way you will be good to go with us.

Option 1 is you can make up your own gift voucher and give it to or email it to whoever you want.

Option 2 is SquashDirect can email you the gift card and you can fill in the name and give it to whoever you want.

Option 3 is SquashDirect do everything, that is fill it in and email it to whoever is to get it. 

Who you give your gift card to is up to you, but please put the order number on it so we can check it off.

Any questions please email or message us on chat and we will look after it for you.