Head Graphene Radical 120 SB Squash Racket 2024

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Head Graphene Radical 120 SB Squash Racket 2024

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Head Graphene Radical 120 SB Squash Racket 2024, a cutting-edge addition to our lineup for the 2024 season. Crafted with advanced technology and featuring a sleek design, this racquet is designed to elevate the game for discerning squash players in Australia.

Designed for precision and accuracy, the Head Radical 120 Slimbody stands out as the lightest racquet in the Radical series. Tailored for advanced players who prioritise technical finesse and accuracy, this racquet is a game-changer on the court.

The 2024 edition boasts a revolutionary Auxetic construction, enhancing the overall feel of the racquet. This innovative technology provides players with a softer touch, allowing for greater control and responsiveness during intense rallies. The racquet's thin beam ensures aerodynamic efficiency, making it a breeze to manoeuvre and retrieve balls, especially those close to the wall.

Embrace the future with the Head Radical 120 Slim body's all-new asymmetrical design, featuring bold pops of colour that not only enhance its modern appeal but also reflect the dynamic energy it brings to your game. Elevate your squash experience with the latest in racquet design and technology – redefine your play with Head's Graphene 360+ Radical 120 Slimbody Squash Racquet for the 2024 season.

Weight: 120g
String Pattern: 14/17, 18/17
Head Size: 475sq. cm.
Balance: Even
Beam Width 16mm
Light weight and easy to manoeuvre 
For advanced players seeking accuracy
Thin and aerodynamic beam
Auxetic construction for sensational feel 
New, modern and asymmetrical design