EYE Squash Shoes White/Black Performance 2

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EYE Squash Shoes White/Black Performance 2 

Yes, you are reading it correctly, you can buy one black and one white shoe. just like Mostafa Asal in the picture below.

Any size you want, and no we cannot guarantee which side is white or which size is black, you can't choose that sorry, but if it's really important to you, you can ask, and we can see what we can do.

EYE Squash Shoes White/Black Performance 2 is an updated and more highly developed shoe from the prior series and has been tested by leading sports scientists to combine a balanced cushioned gripping sole with a stable durable upper making it the perfect fit for the rigorous demands of the game.

As used by Mostafa Asal 

**Great news all Retail orders in Australia will now be upgraded from regular post to EXPRESS Courier Delivery overnight at no extra cost**

Tested extensively by some of the PSA World Tours most dynamic movers the Performance Line 2 is sure to help any player explode of the T