Dunlop Sonic Core Revelation Pro Lite Ltd Squash Racket 2023

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Dunlop Sonic Core Revelation Pro Lite Ltd Squash Racquet

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Dunlop Sonic Core Revelation Pro Lite Ltd Squash Racquet 2023 is a great racket for intermediate to advanced players - giving you a blend of control and power that resembles the Revelation Pro in a lighter package.

The lighter head balance provides a highly manourverable design to hit tricky shots on the fly without sacrificing the power you crave.

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Engineered by BASF, high-rebound, ultra-elastic Infinergy foam is coupled with the Sonic Core frame to load the ball with explosive speed and cater to an aggressive playing style.

The lightweight Infinergy material forms the Sonic Core and is strategically placed at 2 and 10 o’clock for vibration-dampening comfort – ensuring a cleaner, more controlled sensation on impact and arm-friendly performance.

- Ideal partnership for intermediate to advanced players seeking a balance of power and contol in a lightweight package
- Cutting-edge carbon fibre construction
- Lighter head balance than the Revelation Pro for a manoeverable and whippy design
- According to Dunlop, the ultra-lightweight elastic Infinergy material is the first E-TPU on the market and surpasses the original Sonic Core material in rebound height by 46%
- Pairs the Sonic Core frame with Infinergy foam for aggressive, lightning fast shots
- According to Dunlop, the Sonic Core made with Infinergy at key zones of the racquet head provides shock-dampening and delivers up to a 37% reduction in vibrations of the frame
- Minimises your risk of injury on the court and provides a clean, arm-friendly sensation

Tapered Shaft: Tapered shaft with a conical design increases the energy-returning properties of the shaft and puts a stiffer, more resilient racquet in your hands.

GlidePolymer: Specialised polymer that contains friction-reducing micro beads and enhances string movement. This translates to a cleaner hitting sensation and greater power, with the added benefit of extending the lifespan and durability of the grommets.

Head Size: 490 sq cm / 76 sq in
Weight: 125g / 4.4oz
Length: 68.6cm / 27in
String Pattern: 14/19
Balance: Head Light