Karakal S Pro Elite 2022 Squash Racket

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Karakal S Pro Elite 2022 Squash Racket

This latest version of the Karakal S Pro Elite, has updated artwork, improved playability and tweaked specifications, based on Pro Player feedback. The racket is strung using Karakal Hot Zone Braided strings in black and a crystal clear grommet which allow the underlying decals to show through.

Designed around the Karakal S Series frames, the S Pro Elite has the same advantages as these frames with a straightened frame profile to improve power and increase the sweet spot.

The construction of this frame differs however as it is weighted and balanced to Pro specifications to make a more evenly balanced frame. The weight and balance of these rackets coupled with the new Fast Fibre technology means the racket returns to shape 15% faster than conventional layups allowing you to create unprecedented levels of power.

With the environment in mind all our new top end rackets now come with a Full Bag Eco Cover, made with soft Eco fleece material, which is 100% recyclable.

    • Karakal Hot Zone Braided Squash String in Black
    • 125gms Frame Weight
    • Balance 345mm
    • Nexgen Fast Fibre Graphite
    • “A” Power Shaft
    • One Piece Construction
    • Midsize Head 455 sq. cm
    • Fan String Pattern 14/19
    • Full Cover Eco Bag
  • Fitted with the World’s No. 1 Karakal PU Super Grip